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Keeping your French windows’ heritage, style, beauty and originality is of great importantance not least to create the perfect first impression. Allwood Sash Windows are able to offer a service in which we can repair, renovate and draught-proof your French and at the same time do our best to retain their original timber. This will allow your windows to last well in time to come, removing the need for costly, unauthentic replacements which could damage the aesthetic exterior to your property.

With authentic French windows, like French doors, they open wide with two separates sashes. Unlike other types of windows, there is no central post holding the two sashes together. This ensures enhanced ventilation and a timelessly stylish appearance.

That said, time can take its toll on wooden French windows. Whether it’s a draught, a mould growth of wood decay or general wear and tear, you don’t have to replace them. Wooden windows have a far longer life span than uPVC windows and a restoration can give your original French windows a brand new look and appearance.

With Allwood Sash, we strive to retain the heritage and class in your windows. Our methods are stringently tested over years of experience, cost-effective and more environmentally friendly alternative to replacements. We offer free surveys to determine the problem with your French windows, no matter how big or small. We offer repairs, restoration and draught-proofing. We work to ensure your French windows are fully functional and able to work well for years to come.

We have a passion for restoring beautiful, original wooden windows and doors. We don’t rush the process as we simply remove your windows and will do whatever is necessary to get your windows looking and appearing in the right manner once again. We’re incredibly courteous and careful in the manner we work and stop at nothing to ensure your windows are able to enhance the appearance of your property also.

We strip and paint your windows by hand, ensuring the timber, glass and other features are never damaged. By removing your windows, we remove any mess, noise, and inconvenience. This also optimises the quality of the restoration, ridding the chance of any potential damage.

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