Allwood Sash Windows have many years of experience in restoring, repairing and renovating sash windows covering everything from large graded period properties down to smaller terraced houses. With this in mind, we are only too happy to offer an idea as to how we tend to work with our clients​

How long does it take to draught-proof a sash window?

Each sash window is individual in terms of restoration and draught-proofing. However, we would expect to complete 3 or 4 medium sized windows in a day and replacing a sill, depending on how rotten it is, takes roughly the same time as draught-proofing a sash window.

We will be able to give you an accurate estimate at survey.

How much will it cost to upgrade a sash window? 

The quote for installing the draught-proofing system will depend on the size and condition of the sash window, which will be established at survey. The costs of replacement sills and sashes can be given over the telephone or by e-mail on request.

Can we contact any of your previous customers for testimonials? 

Yes. Over 100 previous customers have kindly consented to act as referees. We will gladly provide contact details of the nearest/ most appropriate on request.

We live in a listed building. Will your sealing system alter the character of our home?

No, the system is designed to be discrete and retain as much as possible of the original window. It is therefore conservation approved and can even be found in many Grade 1 listed buildings.

Do I need scaffolding?

No. All traditional sash windows can only be removed from the inside. Therefore all our work is carried out within the building. This means there are no expensive scaffolding costs for the customer.

How long after installation do I require a painter?

We recommend no sooner than 4 weeks to allow any fresh putty to go hard and no longer than 2 months. However, if your windows are in good condition and well decorated already, they will not require exterior painting any sooner than before.

How much space will you need in front of my window to install your system?

Ideally we would like a 2m by 2m cleared area to operate in, however we realise this is not always possible. We are very flexible and will work with the space we have.

Is there much mess?

No, we are very good at containing any mess that we make. We will only begin our work once all carpets and surrounding surfaces are protected. We recommend that you remove all valuable items from the working area but we will supply our own dust sheets for maximum protection.

Once my sash windows are operating freely will they be a security risk? 

No. Sash window security has moved on so we can offer smart and effective security for your sash windows. This includes locking and non locking fasteners and an extensive range of locks and sash window stops. Please ask us during your survey.