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Draught proofing sash windows

Draught-proofing is one of the most efficient ways of reducing noise and cold air coming in through gaps in worn or ill-fitting windows as well as eliminating all rattles.

The system is incorporated all around your existing window timber with a carrier. The carrier holds a strip of brush pile which forms a barrier against all weathers. It holds the sash window in place, and allows it to open and close with ease.

Repair & Replacing Rotten Wood

Once we have removed the top and bottom sash windows they are checked over and any rotten wood is either repaired, using our unique 2 part epoxy resin, or replaced with new if needed. This includes the sash windows, box frames and window sills.

Replacing Rotten Sash Windows

Whilst we strive to restore your existing windows, if they are beyond repair we can supply and install new sash windows. This would be discussed on our initial inspection, though this is rare as most sash windows can be repaired and renovated to their original beauty.

Sash Window Furniture

We have an extensive range of sash window furniture that we supply and install, including sash fasteners, sash lifts, handles, sash stops and security locks which come in polished brass, chrome plated, satin chrome plated or antique brass and copper.

How it Works

Firstly we carefully remove the staff beads and parting beads to take out the top and bottom sash windows.

The box and the frame will be stripped down and checked for rotten areas. These will be replaced as necessary. Any rotten timber mouldings will be replaced on a like-for-like basis.

New cords are fitted and pulleys will be checked and replaced if necessary.

Our draught proof brushes are then embedded in the parting beads, staff beads and the gap between top and bottom sash forming the full weather seal draught excluding system when shut. This also allows your top and bottom sash windows to run freely and smoothly, as well as hugely reducing outside noise and eliminating any rattles.

Any broken panes of glass will be taken out and new glass supplied and fitted.

Before being replaced, the windows will be rebalanced to ensure that the correct sash weights are fitted and run smoothly within the box.

Benefits of draught exclusion include: Virtually eliminating all draughts, reduction of external noise levels, elimination of rattles, improved sliding action of sash windows, reduction of dirt ingress and improved energy efficiency.

Sash Window Facts

Upgrading sash windows with a unique draught proofing system that will not detract from the appearance of the windows will save money long term and add value to your home.

More heat is lost from leakage through the gaps around sash windows than can be saved by trying to double-glaze your existing sashes, which in many cases won’t be possible anyway.

A 1mm gap around a window measuring 1.8 metres by 1.2 metres equates to a gap of over 11 square inches!

This compares to the size of a letter box. In our experience, the average gap is more than 1mm. This underlines the importance and resulting benefits of having your sash windows professionally draught proofed.

Installing purpose made draught proofing will stop the sashes rattling, conserve heat and reduce your heating bills. It has been estimated that the payback time for the cost of draught proofing is as little as 5 years whilst double glazing can be between 60 and 100 years.

To summarise:

• Repairs and renovations will be carried out to a high standard, which can include replacement of broken glass and missing putty.
• The reduction of air leaking means less hot air going out and less cold coming in therefore reducing uncomfortable draughts. A study commissioned by English Heritage found that air infiltration through a sash window can be reduced by as much as 86% by adding draught proofing.
• Your windows will no longer rattle.
• There will be a noticeable reduction in noise and dust ingress.
• This method is approved by English Heritage and local authority conservation officers.
• By using this system you will not have desecrated your home with plastic windows.
• Finally and perhaps most importantly YOU WILL SAVE MONEY.